About the artist Niki Katiki


Niki Katiki is an artist who, over the years, created her unique works through the spectacular use of colors, contrasts and shadows, the playful use of diagonals creating a solid sense of perspective and the multiple levels of volume and texture.

Lately, she started altering her style: In fact, she started creating semi-abstract paintings in which the theme is recognizable as a whole even if one cannot identify distinctive details. Expressionistic landscape, seascape, cityscape, abstract and modern paintings. Different themes depicted in various versions create a series of works.

But regardless of the series each work belongs to, there are features and characteristics common to every painting, creating her unique personal style. The balance between light and shadow, cold and warm colors, the volumetric structure of the composition and the textured surface are some of the typical characteristics of her work, that create the impressive and powerful paintings.

Her most recent works are expressionist acrylic boat paintings, where her love for the sea, the sky and freedom is everywhere. It doesn’t matter if her paintings are dark, heavy and dramatic or vivid, playful and happy, the sense of freedom is always there. And although there is a complete lack of life and you can never identify the horizon in her seascapes any more, her works are serene, calm, vivid and give the viewer a positive and playful feeling.

Most of all, this atmosphere is provoked by the use of light. Indeed a dramatic, theatrically staged, inner light becomes the centerpiece, the focus of each and every work of her last period. A mystic contrast between weightless boats and heavy reflections, light and dark areas of the painting create a sense of inner ease and a serenity that is overwhelming.

Her paintings have been sold to offices, hotels and private collectors in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. Up until now in 27 countries.


I cannot imagine my life without art!!! Art is my life, my passion, my safe-haven.

I find art larger than life, since not only it contains my entire life, but through art, I create whatever I have the need of, and cannot find it in my real environment. I create everything I need and don’t seem to be able to find in my everyday world. I draw into reality all the space and situations real life deprives me of. Lately, I have an urge for calm and serenity and since I can’t find these features in my real world I create either abstract spaces or landscapes in which light and color in a contradicting harmony soothe soul and mind.

There is no lack, no deficiency, no shortage in my life that cannot be filled with my art. Standing in front of canvas doesn’t merely lead to the creation of artwork but also enables me to actually complete real life. Not only do I express my emotions, but also I create new ones both for me and the viewer.

Finding the shapes and colors that fit my mood, playing with lights and shadows, expressing my feelings is no longer enough. Art, whether abstract or not, is not only a means of expression, it’s a means of creating new fascinating worlds, in which I can communicate with my audience as well as with my inner thoughts.

It’s a kind of magic…