How to choose an artwork


People sometimes find it confusing to pick an artwork for their home or office. In my opinion it shouldn’t be like this. Choosing a painting -or any artwork for that matter- should be fun. It doesn’t really matter if you are buying the work of an emerging artist, or someone established and well known, or that of some mid-carrier artist.

It doesn’t matter if you have to pay 100€ or 700 € or 5.000 € for a painting. It doesn’t matter what color your walls and furniture are. It doesn’t matter if it’s an abstract, a semi- abstract or a realistic work of art.

All that depends on your aesthetics and the money you have in your disposal and are willing to spend for such a purchase.

What does mater, though, is that your painting is well protected against time and the elements. So make sure that the painting you are buying is properly framed and wired –you don’t want it to fall off the wall- and, last but not least, it should be varnished for protection. This way you will ensure the preservation of your painting, which is an investment and should be treated as one.

This part done and over with, leaves us with a greater problem.

Even when we do have in mind the kind of art we would like to buy, even if our budget leaves no doubts as to which artists to choose from, we still have lots to think about, shape and size being the most important features. Common mistakes when people buy artworks for their walls are related to size. Small paintings look great and really dominate smaller spaces in hallways or above a secretary or a small table. It is always preferable to hang big paintings above large pieces of furniture, so that they don’t disappear in comparison of volume.

Another factor to take under consideration when picking a painting is its orientation. It is common practice to place above a big couch a horizontal painting so as to follow the geometry of the furniture. This way they don’t interrupt the harmony of the dominant volume. But it you choose a vertical painting above your sofa you are bound to create a more spacious impression that seems to add to the height of the room. If none of these two solutions work for you, then there is always the impeccable choice of a square painting. It’s balanced, perfectly set and fits just as well on smaller or bigger walls. As you see not only size, but also shape counts when it comes to picking an art work! As for the color?

Opt for the one that makes you feel better, a painting that suites you and not your furniture!!!